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Elevating the Civil
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Civil Services Examinations are one of the most prestigious and competitive opportunities in our country. The Civilians Academy is a vision-driven organization whose singular aim is to support and empower the future nation-builders of the country. Under the valuable guidance of Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay, our commitment is to build an equitable society, with you.



Pointer arrow To bring the necessary change in students' approach towards Civil Services Examinations from a young age.

Pointer arrow To create and contribute towards achieving a sustainable, sensitive, responsive, and responsible bureaucracy.

Pointer arrow Work towards attaining a positive societal change through education and contribute towards the establishment of an equitable society.


Pointer arrow To inculcate an understanding of the Civil Services Examination pattern from the early days of schooling under our dynamic “Young IAS” program.

Pointer arrow To increase the percentage of candidates from among deprived sections of the society in the Civil Services.

Pointer arrow To provide quality notes and study material (Marathi & English) and to impart training through quality faculty & teaching.

The Expert

Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay

Dr. Dyneshwar Mulay is known as the “Passport Man of India” for his exceptional work as a diplomat. Under his leadership, he took the country’s passport service to people. His effort to introduce passport office to every Lok Sabha constituency in the country gave rise to 410 new passport offices in India.

Pointer Member, National Human Right Commission
Pointer Former Secreatry, Ministry of External Affairs
Pointer Founder of Movement of Positivity
Pointer A prolific author of over 15 books, translated across languages
Dr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay
Our offerings

Creating a Robust Education System

An institute that promotes quality education

Become digital-savvy

A comprehensive application that offers every important information in one place. It aims to create an easy enrollment process to apply for online lectures, with a provision for competitive pricing.

Spread the “young” wings

Inculcating the awareness of Civil Services Examination among the young students is important. Through interactive & informative expert sessions, we aim to inspire and influence young minds.

Secure job opportunities

The highly-competitive nature of Civil Services Examination creates a challenge for candidates to secure job opportunities. We have created one of a kind online portal to solve this challenge.

Expert Background
Course Categories

A Carefully Curated Curriculum

Young IAS program

Developing a strong interest in the students ranging from grade 7 to grade 10.


Facilitating the students appearing for Union Public Service Commission exams.


Empowering the students appearing for Maharashtra Public Service Commission exams.

The ‘A’ team

We Share Your Passion

Know the team that shares a common goal

Pankkaj Redekar

Director, Co-founder

Anoop Shukla


Kavir Moza

Guiding faculty

The Guidance System

Vaibhav Ware

Public Relations Officer

Ajit Kharade

Operations Head - MPSC/UPSC, Mumbai Division

Bharat Khatal

Operations Head - UPSC, Pune Division

Value Addition

We Stand Apart to Make a Difference

  • arrow We offer a dynamic course structure
  • arrow Our Vision & Mission set us apart
  • arrow We house an expert guidance faculty
  • arrow Our fee structure is affordable
  • arrow We are committed to the country’s cause